Jain Sabha History

In the year 1928, a group of Jain traders in the heart of Kolkata decided to come together to serve humanity with their motto of Seva, Shiksha and Sadhna. The foundational vision was to bring the community together to serve our Nation with unmatched dedication, benevolence and energy while following the pious path shown by Bhagwaan Mahavir Swami. Let’s dive down into the beautiful journey of this remarkable organization-


19th September 1928– Shree Shwetambar Sthanakvasi Jain Sabha, Kolkata, founded under the skillful leadership of Shree Maganmalji Kothari.


  • 1934– Inauguration of Shree Jain Vidyalaya (BurraBazar campus) on 17th March.
  • 1934– Bihar earthquake relief led by Deepchandji Sukhani.


1956– The foundation of the new Sabha campus waylaid on 15th of August under the auspicious presence of Shree Deepchandji Kankaria Ji, Shree Parasmalji  Kankaria Malegaon, Shree Lalchandji Daddha, Shree Sohanlalji Duggar, and others.


  • 1968– Shree Jain hospital was established in the month of May to provide quality healthcare.
  • 1968– A number of trust funds were assigned to help underprivileged individuals like the Jeevdaya Kosh, Svadharmi Sahayata Kosh, etc.


  • 1970– To provide nutritious ’Satvik’ food at minimal prices to the needy, the Shree Jain Eatery was set up under the vigilance of Shree Phusraj Ji Bacchawat on the 1st of February.
  • 1971– Elections at the Sabha were held.
  • 1973– With the increase in the workload of the Sabha, the number of members, as well as the number of committees, were added.
  • 1975– Dharma Sabha was established to increase the interest of the youth in the Dharma.
  • 1977– Various Eye Cataract camps were established in and around the city.
  • 1978– The Sabha completed its glorious 50 years. The Golden Jubilee celebration happened from 23rd to 25th of December. Shree Phusraj Ji Bacchawat and Shree Surajmalji Bacchawat were highly appreciated for their efforts towards the Sabha.


  • 1980– The Shree Jain Book Bank was set up under the caring hands of Shree Mulchand Ji Mukim to provide books to underprivileged students.
  • 1981– The Shree Jain Bartan Vastu Bhandar was set up on the 11th of January.
  • 1982– The Sabha organized a first-ever 15-day-long camp in Eastern India for Prosthetic Limb distribution where 350 limbs, 100 calipers, and 20 tricycles were distributed.
  • 1988– The Sabha successfully completed 60 years. The Diamond Jubilee celebrations started with the annual celebration of Shree Jain Vidyalaya but the formal inauguration happened on the 18th of September with the auspicious hands of Shree Kanhaiyalalji Sethia. The main event happened on the 24th of December where a number of dignitaries took part. To commemorate the 60th year, the Sabha organized eye camps in Kooch Bihar and Murshidabad. A disability camp was also organized at Shantiniketan.


  • 1990– The Sabha associated with the NIOS program.
  • 1991– The foundation of Shree Jain Vidyalaya Howrah was laid with Bhoomi Pujan on the 16th of May by the auspicious hands of Shree Surajmalji Bacchawat, Shree Sadarmalji Kankaria, Smt. Phoolkumaari Kankaria.
  • 1992– The first session of Shree Jain Vidyalaya Howrah began on 24th June.
  • 1993– 50 sewing machines were distributed to encourage women’s empowerment on the 21st of December.
  • 1994– A cataract camp was organized at Bolpur, Shantiniketan on 6th February.
  • 1994– Bhoomi Pujan for the of Shree Jain Hospital and Research Centre was do ne under the auspicious presence of Sabha Members like Shree Sadarmal Kankaria, Shree Jaykumar Kankaria, Shree Sunderkumar Banthia, Shree Padmachand Nahata, and many others.
  • 1995– 60 sewing machines were distributed to encourage women’s empowerment.
  • 1995– Ration distribution under Manav Seva Prakalp started on 15th August.
  • 1997– The statue of His Holiness Chintamani Parshwnath was installed in the hospital premises on the 14th and the outdoors were opened on 15th August.
  • 1998– The 70th year of Sabha was celebrated at the Science City Auditorium on 6th September where a number of dignitaries came. On this occasion, a souvenir titled ‘Seva, Shiksha Sadhna ke Saat Dashak’ was also published.
  • 1998– Shree Jain Shilpa Shiksha Kendra was started.
  • 1998– The Sabha successfully collected Rs 2 lac for the Kargil War Veterans.
  • 1999– The celebrations of Bhagwaan Mahavir’s 2600th birth- year began on 26th April.


  • 2001– The Main event of Bhagwaan Mahavir’s 2600th birth- year happened at the Netaji Indoor Stadium in grandeur.
  • 2001– The Sabha donated Rs 10 lac for one school and 7.5 lacs at earthquake-stricken Bhuj.
  • 2002– The Sabha celebrated its 74th year took a pledge to build a college.
  • 2003– The Sabha marked its 75th year of glory which was celebrated in a very spiritual and pious way by appreciating the teachings of our Munis and Tapasvees.
  • 2004– Plot for THK Jain College was registered.
  • 2004– The name of Sukeas Lane was changed to Phusraj Bacchawat Path on 18th August.
  • 2007– The Jain community attained minority status on 13th December.
  • 2008 – The government allotted land for The KDSD Jain Dental College.
  • 2008– The Sabha completed an 80-year long journey, which was celebrated at the Science City Auditorium. On this day, the Sabha also came up with the Kusum Sundar Higher Education INTEREST-FREE LOAN
  • 2008– The KSS Jain College of Education was inaugurated.
  • 2011– Neev Howrah was set up in association with CHHATRACHHAYA which was later started at the Cossipore Campus too.
  • 2015– His Excellency Gov. Shree Keshrinath Tripathi Ji inaugurated the THK Jain college.
  • 2019– The Sabha celebrated its 90 glorious years on 6th January with around 3300 people at the Biswa Bangla Auditorium.